From Allah we come and to Allah we must return

Bismillah. I just wanted to thank everyone for their kindness alhamdulillah.

My mother’s death although she was not Muslim has been heartbreaking for me and for my sister. I ask that Allah grants guidance to the remaining members of my family before the reality is upon them as well aameen.

Prior to today, I had been reading the Hadith regarding what happens to the believer and the Disbeliever at the time of death (with other sisters in the book club) allahumma barik alaihumma. And this has brought the context of the hadith to the forefront.

Knowing what awaits my mother has been a hard pill to swallow. I ask Allah to have mercy upon me and grant me ease during the grieving process.

Thank you again ya muslimaat for the dua and words of comfort and reminders to my family.


Alhamdulillah for Islam and for the adherence to Quran wa Sunnah