‘It is painful to welcome Ramadan without prayers in mosques’ – Saudi Gazette


Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

Assalaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuh

Ramadan 1, 1441

May Allah have mercy upon all of the Muslimaat during this beautiful and blessed month of Ramadan. May He grant you enlightenment to pursue and strive throughout this time with the reading of Qur’an, it’s Tafsir, and other benefits from explanations (Ramadan Lessons Volume 3 with our beloved teacher Moosaa Richardson (hafidhullah) may Allah aide him and raise his rank Allahumma aameen).

Stay strong, encouraged, and connected to the knowledge during this time. (Germantown Masjid offers a nice selection of audio) There are many beneficial audio gatherings from the du’aat (may Allah preserve them all upon the haqq aameen) and our noble female students/sisters that can help you alongside your other responsibilities bi’ithnillah.

Remember to reach out during this time to offer your kindness. Thinking of the fact that a smile is considered Sadaqa and salaam is a means to increase love in the hearts of Muslims alhamdulillah. Make dua for all the Muslimoon whom are suffering with a loved one that is sick and /or hospitalized. May Allah grant them a complete healing and an abundance of mercy Allahumma aameen.

Lastly, know with certainty, that with Allah you will find the answers to your every need.

“And We reveal from the Quran what is a cure and a mercy for the believers.” al-Isra:82

Ramadan Mubarak ya Muslimaat