Today’s Classwork and Homework 1/29

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim
Assalaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuh
Jamadal Awwal 1439/January 29, 2018
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Today is Monday. MS Subjects are (math, science, geography, and health).
MS Math: 10:05 am
Safia – Lesson 6.6 Polygons pages 174 – 175; Maintenance pg. 176 (odd). Problem Solving Activity pg. 177 – all due on Wednesday inshaa’Allah
Sumehya – Lesson 2.4 Compare and Order Decimals PDF page 15; Problem Solving Lesson 2.5 pg. 16. Homework (odd only) Lesson 3.1 Rounding Whole Numbers.
MS Earth Science – 10:55 am
Using and listening to the textbook. Lesson 6.2 Continents Change position over time. 190 – 192. (Hypothesis)
From Continental Drift
MS Geography – 11:30 am
Safia – Chapter 22 South Asia pages 586 – 593

– India

MS Health: 12:40 pm

Presenting your Posters for Nutrition; homework completing pg. 104: How Much Should you eat? and Lesson 4.1 Review questions.

Safia’s presentation was very informative, she created nice visual items for the 6 categories, and explained the use of each item alhamdulillah. 100%A

Sumehya’s presentation provided Islamic resources (proof and evidences from authentic text. She provided many visual charts and statistics for her 6 categories. Maa shaa’Allah. She has earned extra points for being thorough. 100%A; 100%A for additional benefits and statements from Islam.