Bismillah alhamdulillah recently I have been able to go to the masjid and Allah shows His mercy to me so often allahummah Barak. 

Today, I went to Jumuah may Allah increase His aid and assistance for the sisters who were present aameen 

During the khutbah the wind left my lungs and it became increasingly difficult to breathe, one of the sisters  (stranger) to me noticed my plight and she came and sat down next to me and began to fan the air with a notebook Allahu akbar.  I used my inhaler and then the sister hugged me and continued to fan the air. 

During the salaat  I tried to regain control of my airways and the sister stood firmly at my side.

After more sisters came and began to offer care and assistance Allahu akbar I was feeling so ashamed SubhanaAllah but the sisters aided me still SubhanaAllah 

They arranged for another sister to take me home again  (stranger to me ) the sister and her children brought me home and with genuine concern made sure that I made it through the door mashaAllah TabarakAllah. 

To all my sisters in the community know may Allah have mercy upon you that I love you all for the pleasure of Allah and I ask that Allah increase you and your families upon good and grant all of you the highest levels of Jannah aameen aameen aameen 

Saddiqua Muhammad Black 

Jazakumullahu Khayraa Akhwaat 

True sisterhood I love my community alhamdulillah!