Having Patience


✍🏽 The Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم stated in the Hadith collected by Muslim [223]:
📖 “…Prayer is Light, and Charity is a Proof, and Patience is illumination…”. 
👤 Shaikh Fawzan حفظه الله mentioned:
:idea:”The obligatory and supererogatory prayer are light in the face, hence you find darkness in the face of those who are negligent of the prayer, as for those who guard their prayers then you find light and illumination on their faces. 
💷 Giving charity is a proof upon the truthfulness of a persons Eemaan, since no-one will be generous with their wealth except a believer. 
🕯Patience is illumination, and it is 3 types:
• 1️⃣ Patience upon Obedience to Allah.

It is binding upon the servant to persist upon worship even if it is difficult upon him, since worship is not easy. It requires patience. The one who prays 5 times every day and the night prayer requires patience. As for the one without this type of patience he will not end up continuing with worship. 
• 2️⃣ Patience in Staying Away from Haraam. 

No doubt desires and the haraam are desired by the individual, however a servant remains patient and refrains from them and does not be misled by the great numbers of people who are following those desires and performing the haraam.
•3️⃣ Patience upon Difficulties of the Decree.

A believer remains patient if difficulty overcomes him in his wealth, or in his own self (health etc), or in his family or relatives. He does not become upset and depressed, rather he is content and patient upon the decree of Allah.”
(المنحة الربانية ص١٩٢/١٩١)