Asking Allah for His Mercy

Bismillah. I ask Allah for his mercy and assistance with our programs. May he keep our intentions solely for his pleasure aameen. As a homeschool assistance program it is vitally important to keep our children up to; if not beyond the current standard curriculum. We do this by the mercy of Allah, and He allows us to expand the knowledge needed according to authenticity inshaAllah.

It is our intention and goal to enhance the educational background of each student in the program for the next coming year inshaAllah. May Allah grant us and all of you success in your efforts to homeschool aameen

We have launched a few campaigns asking for your kindness and assistance with donations. Some of these request include  (transportation, books, computers, and student supplies). Remember that no amount is to small or too great. Extend your wealth through the act of charity, certainly our children need our aide mashaAllah.

Share this message, and consider the message before you with sincerity! May Allah bless you aameen.