A Writer’s Narrative Notebook

The Writer’s Narrative Notebook weekly

A writer’s narrative notebook, consist of a notebook that you write many things in. One of the things you write in the book is colorful words and use of language that you hear or read somewhere such as a book. You also write story titles that you think would make a good story line. You may think of a good story title or poem to write down in your writer’s narrative notebook when your doing something that has nothing to do with writing.  You may write a story using a title that you wrote down in your writer’s narrative sometime ago.

If you are going to keep a writer’s narrative notebook you might want to join this class. This will give you an idea of how to keep a writer’s narrative notebook.  The instructor gives you a place to think like a writer , not just in school but wherever you are , wherever you get the inspiration.  If you dream of becoming a writer someday , or if you just enjoy writing down interesting things that you see , hear , or think about , a writers narrative notebook is for you. 

It’s a place to record dreams , feelings , thoughts , and all your observations about the world around you.  Some of these entries might be the basis of a story,  poem , or personal essay.  This class will show you exactly how to keep your writer’s narrative notebook , an essential tool for a writer to have.

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